The Amazing Things Arts Center presents many kinds of music, from folk, to jazz, to world, to rock, to blues, to singer-songwriter, etc. We are looking for exciting and crowd pleasing acts that we can partner with to offer our audiences great music in an intimate, and good sounding room.

Are you right for The Amazing Things Arts Center? And are we right for you? And are we located where you have a fan base or can build one? Will you have enough of a draw to make the event worth it for us and for yourself? We realize that you don’t want to play to an empty room, and we don’t want to have an empty room. It’s no fun for anyone. It’s better to be realistic about your ability to draw.

Our performance space hold up to 150 people. This is very packed. If you think you can draw 50 people, we will consider you for a mainstage date.

We also put together double bills. We could possibly work out a split bill type of deal where yourself and another artist or band with equal draw power share the night. We love to do this. You split the percentage of the door, but it doubles your chances of having a great night. And, hopefully both acts would gain new fans by playing for a new audience.

Sometimes we have openers for headliners. As an opener you would not be expected to draw as much, but could benefit from opening for someone with a greater draw to increase your fans in the area, and could benefit from being associated with the ones you are opening for. The openers usually play 20-25 minutes. There are not many opener slots available.

And, sometimes we put 3 solo artists together in a songwriter night. We take suggestions and we consider already grouped artists.

We look for exciting, crowd pleasing music of many styles. Above all we love bands that are professional, care about giving a fun live show, who understand that the success of all shows is a partnership between the artist and the venue, and are motivated to promote their shows to their highest ability.

We are committed to developing acts, and would love to see all the bands we book grow into local, regional and national headliners.

After you have thought all of this through and have come up with a good game plan for how we might have a successful night, send an email to Kenny Selcer (, our booking coordinator.

Please include:

• A link to your website where I can listen to your music, read a little bit about you and see where you’re playing around the area.

• Social media links

• Links to videos of previous performances

• A list of other venues you’ve played in Eastern/Central Mass

• How many fans you anticipate drawing to the show

• Anything else you think will help us make a decision: please be honest.

If it seems like we might be able to work something out, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Because of the volume of requests we receive on a weekly basis, we cannot respond personally to every submission, but you should hear something from us within a few weeks if we are interested in discussing your performance here at Amazing Things.

Thanks for playing live music, without which we wouldn’t be here, and without which life would be dull!


Download this information in a print-friendly format: Booking info Feb2016