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Amazing Things Arts Center



March 17, 2017 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

After a hugely successful WUMB Member concert at Amazing Things last fall, we are thrilled to welcome back Driftwood, celebrating their newest CD, City Lights.

When most people think of upstate New York, they either imagine bucolic landscapes or working-class towns. As natives of Binghamton, the members of Driftwood hail from a working town, but play music rooted in the land, leaning alternately into folk, old-time, country, punk, and rock, depending on their personal moods and their songs’ needs.

Describing the Driftwood sound, banjo player Joe Kollar offers, “I consider our sound to be more of an attitude and an approach – the result of all of our influences in a completely open musical forum where the only stipulation is to use bluegrass instruments and create it from the heart.”  That’s as close to being pinned down as Driftwood ever gets. Such has always been the case for artists blurring and blending genre lines in order to innovate. Yes, they wield old-time instruments, but they do so with a punk-rock ethos. “I do not know much about punk music, but I do know that it gives me a feeling of tearing into something without inhibition,” violinist Claire Byrne says.  “Sometimes a band can just appear out of nowhere and make a sound so agreeable and enticing it almost seems like they’re the product of some divine destiny. Driftwood offers an ideal example of that phenomenon” – Country Standard Time

Opening is Lisa Bastoni! Lisa Bastoni returns to music after ten years with The Wishing Hour (Jan. 2017), produced by Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Felix McTeigue (Lori McKenna/Anais Mitchell). Recorded in her kids’ playroom in the wee hours of the night, the album debuted as #1 most played album on Boston’s WUMB. Maverick-UK writes: “Americana of the highest order, along the lines of Gretchen Peters or Patty Griffin, with high quality musos to match.” As a solo performer, Lisa “has a grounded sincerity that rings true.  Her lilting voice, evocative imagery and supportive guitar work make for a delightful combination.” (Rich Eilbert, host, LOMA)

Tickets $21 for non-members; $18 for Amazing members; $20 for seniors (65+) and students. $10 for children under 12.

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