Amazing Things Arts Center



May 15, 2017 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

As part of a senior capstone project at Framingham High School, and in order to springboard positive conversation in Framingham, specifically in response to damaging political rhetoric leaking into our schools, we are hosting a two night discussion and performance called Love is Louder.

In partnership with Amazing Things Art Center, on Monday, May 15, we will hold an evening with political, religious, community, and school leaders to hold an open discussion with students, parents, and community members. We’ll talk about what diversity means to us and what we can do to make Framingham a positive place in light of recent events.

Panel members will be Representative Chris Walsh, Representative Jack LewisIlma Paixao of Rede Abr A Brasileira Radio, Reverend J. Anthony Lloyd of the Greater Framingham Community Church, Taha Siddiqui of the Islamic Society of Framingham, and Superintendent Robert Tremblay of the Framingham Public Schools.

On the second night, Tuesday, May 16, we’re hold a performance in the FHS auditorium. The concert band will perform pieces inspired by community, our Theatre for Social Change classes will perform monologues and scenes about our voicing opinion and being politically active. Our art students will create canvases, sculptures, pictures, and more art pieces in response to recent events and in order to promote our diversity in Framingham. We’ve also partnered with community organizations to join us for the night and offer resources for students looking to perform community service, learn how to be politically active, gain leadership qualities, and find outlets for them to use in times of need. With families of all participating students, followers of our partnering organizations, and interested community/school members, we anticipate a very large audience.

The organizers are still looking for more community partners to help spread the word, participate in the event. The FHS students are hoping to alert students to resources and outlets to find help when they need it, be able to talk to someone when struggling, and learn the leadership skills to be politically active.

Please contact Jordan Ramsay for more information