Pretty psyched by what we do here at Amazing Things? Have some time you’d like to share? We’d love your help!

Here is a list of some current and future needs. If you have specific talents or interests not listed, not to worry – there’s always something we need!  Hours are usually flexible and frequency is up to you. Please email DailyStaff or give us a call at (508) 405-2787 with any comments, suggestions, or questions!


NEW BOARD COMMITTEES!  The Board of Directors has just created and/or resurrected four committees to help us move forward into 2018.

**Facilities: to assist staff in managing and solving short term needs and repairs and to lead the organization in planning for long term changes and plans for the Firehouse.

**Fundraising: Planning and Implementing the organization’s fundraising program in concert with the executive director. This includes creating a development plan, identifying potential sources of support, and reviewing specific requests for support.

**Marketing & Outreach:  Will increase awareness of Amazing Things while reaching out to new visitors, members and contributors (both artistic and financial)

If you are interested in more information and/or joining one of the above committees, please email us or call the office and we’ll connect you with the committee chair.


Other Volunteer  Tasks!

  • Servers of Beer & Wine:  Requires TIPS certification.  Classes held frequently in Framingham/Marlboro area: classes are one night, 3.5 hours, cost $25.00.
  • Ushers: Help assist guests attending our featured shows.
  • Facilities Committee: We need a few folks handy with small tools who can check in periodically for random tasks
  • Office Work:  Need someone who would be willing to come in weekly or every other week for 3-4 hours to manage Member renewals and member cards.
  • Spreading the word: Can you help distribute bi-monthly flyers and posters to area libraries, train stations, and businesses?
  • Publicity online: Many news outlets request information be loaded onto websites directly: We need a computer-comfortable, press-familiar individual who can commit to a few hours a week
  • Host for visiting artists: Periodically, performers ask if we can local housing for them rather than yet another hotel.
  • Membership Committee: We are developing new programs for members this year and your ideas would be invaluable!
  • Member of the Board of Directors: Responsible for the fiduciary health and strategic direction of Amazing Things. Click here for details
  • Other opportunities: How would you like to help Amazing Things? Let us know!

Email us:  DailyStaff@amazingthings.org or

Call us: (508) 405-2787

Hours: 12 – 6pm Tuesday through Friday; otherwise, leave us a message and we’ll call you back!