Starting this Saturday, we once again will be offering children’s programs, and we’re really psyched!

Saturday, we welcome Alastair Moock, an awesome folk musician in his own right, who changed his focus to younger listeners with the birth of his children, and has been recognized with a Grammy nomination as well as awards from the Boston Parent’s Choice program.  He just released a new CD in June “All Kinds of You & Me” which was inspired by Marlo Thomas’ 1972 release “Free to Be You & Me”.

This is the kind of performances we want to bring to our kids–not only great music, but with a great message.  AND  most important, a show that encourages kids and their adults to get up and dance and have fun together!

Next month, we present “Jazz for Lil Jumpers” that’s all about introducing different jazz styles to young kids!  That’s on November 7.

Mark your calendars!  And tell your friends and families of all ages!  We’re ready to have some fun!