Over the years Amazing Things has some incredible artists, here are just some (and links to video clips of the shows!):Paxton6.13.15

  • Chuchito Valdes brought his Cuban-Latin rhythms on piano to us in April 2016. Can’t wait to have him back!
  • Tom Paxton  – Tom was here in March of 2013- back June 2015 — 50 years of performing!  Says he’s done touring, but if that changes, we’ll certainly have him back!
  • Session Americana made their first appearance at Amazing Things this spring–well known to many, and totally a surprise to as many more–coming back in October 2016!
  • Don White and Christin Lavin – this is always a wonderful show . . .both have been here many times. Christine will be back in the fall for a solo show!
Chuchito Valdes april 2016

Chuchito Valdes

and many, many, more.  Have a suggestion?  Please let us know bookings@amazingthings.org