It’s amazing what a difference a sign makes!  We’ve been in the Firehouse since 2008, but until just a couple weeks ago, seemed to be invisible, even to those looking for us.  Yes, there was a sign on the building–but you couldn’t see it from the street.  And in my short tenure here, I heard, at least a half dozen times, “is this a day care center?” or “do you teach children’s art classes?”– the power of the design!  Use primary colors and people think children!

Our new logo, rolled out last fall, features a spectrum of color because that is what we are about–welcoming everyone throughout Metrowest to listen to and participate in a range of musical tastes!  With our new beautiful sign, it’s easy to find us AND passers-by will get a first taste of what we’re about!  Like the “@” symbol?  Multiple meanings: this is where it’s “at” for music and visual arts!  But it’s also a play on our abbreviation A(mazing) T(hings)! For me, just the spectrum of colors makes me smile and feel welcome.

A shout out to Joe Fredette, our Board chair, who pushed to get the sign created; to Sunshine Sign for creating it, and to Roger B Sturgis & Assoc for installing lights so it can be seen day and night!  Now you can’t miss us–and there are a lot of shows you won’t want to miss!