Ellen became Executive Director of Amazing Things in April 2015, having served for three months as Interim ED.   Ellen has worked in nonprofits for most of her career, as both Executive Director and in Finance/Administration.  She graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, and has an MBA in finance from Boston College.  She has lived in Stow for the past twenty five years(!).  Ellen states that her music tastes run the gamut from opera to folk and admits that, though she has very little talent for performing music, she knows what she likes!

Ellen is known to many in the area, as she worked in downtown Framingham about six years ago, as Executive Director of the Framingham Civic League.  At that time, Ellen also served as co-chair of the START Partnership, working with leaders in the metrowest cultural community, and was on the board of the Framingham Downtown Renaissance (FDR) and is an alumna of the Leadership Academy of Leadership Metrowest.   There is SO much going on throughout Metrowest!  If you haven’t liked our Facebook page, please do, and keep abreast of all the news.  If you aren’t on our e-mail list for weekly show updates, please sign up!

Feel free to email her directly at ellen.sturgis@amazingthings.org.