The Amazing Things Arts Center will establish a thriving arts community deeply rooted in the belief that, “The arts are a rich form of communication that allows us to meet, understand and accept each other.” We will strive to nurture the human creative spirit by providing a welcoming environment where diversity and collaboration help to broaden minds, allowing us to cross boundaries and forge bonds. We will encourage the participation of as many people as possible, empowering artists, enabling volunteers and developing leaders of all ages, cultures and interests.

Deeply committed to the community at large, we will seek to form strong relationships with community-based organizations, schools, and other arts organizations through an active board and enthusiastic volunteers and members. We will especially seek to reach all those who are underserved and offer financial assistance whenever possible in order to make our programs accessible to all. We will continue to grow our membership base and expand our educational component with adult and children’s programming.

Our Board of Directors, elected by Amazing Things members will provide professional expertise and diversity within the Metro West area, and will function as a governing body to oversee the activities of the center on behalf of its members, and to provide sufficient resources to achieve the goals of the center. We will continue to make a significant contribution to the economic development and
revitalization of downtown Framingham through our ongoing efforts to restore and update our facilities at the historic Hollis Street Firehouse, as well as through our increased performance, visual arts and educational offerings to the entire Metro West area.

Acting as guardians of the arts, we recognize the importance of communicating through them, and we will be here to listen to, support, and join hands with the larger community. We will encourage and inspire new and emerging artists in an effort to help them explore their artistic potential. And we will savor the familiar and established artists by celebrating their artistry with them and through them, as we create Amazing Things together.