At our Annual Meeting on December 4, we awarded two Unsung Hero Stars to two amazing men.  Here’s what I had to say about them!

All of our volunteers are heroes to me: as I say regularly, we couldn’t do this without you/them.  But there are two that we have to embarrass a little, because I think they like being in the background.  And that makes them even more special.  Both these men have been here since the beginning—maybe even before!

Have you ever thought, hey I have some free time, I’ll go down to Amazing Things and mop?  Or take out the trash. Or collect trash around the parking lot?!  Oh and maybe you think, I could find someone to donate paper and cleaning products.  No, I doubt you’ve ever thought that.  But that’s what Dick Morse has been doing for us for YEARS. Thank you for being our building “elf” who slips in and just gets it done.

When most of think of retiring, we figure we’ll travel, read, maybe visit family.  Or you can spend several days and nights a week volunteering for Amazing Things.  You have an advanced “hobby” of sound engineering.  So you don’t just come EVERY Tuesday for the Jazz Jam, but you arrive mid afternoon or earlier to see if we can make this system work even better.  And then you raise your hand for one or maybe two shows a weekend and again arrive early and stay late.  And you act like it’s no big deal,  But we truly couldn’t have these great shows without Peter Whistler.  Thank you Peter for raising the bar on the quality of sound here, which is noted by every band for which you do sound.