This week, we had a membership meeting to encourage our most devoted patrons to come up with ideas to make Amazing Things Arts Center as strong as it can be.

Not only did we get good ideas at the meeting, but they keep coming.  One member put a twist on a suggestion at the meeting: start a film series that focuses on music concerts and musicians.  What a neat idea!  Stop Making Sense. A Hard Days Night. Woodstock (with some parental restrictions!).  The possibilities are endless–all we need is a volunteer who would like to coordinate it!

But the best part is that members are thinking–rather than being a privately owned business where one or two people are responsible for all the ideas, we have hundreds of people who care deeply and are creative!  We discussed at our meeting how a small business can turn to a bank for a line of credit to get them through lean months, and how that’s not an option for nonprofits of our size.  So it sounded like the negative part of being a membership non-profit.  But the upside is that we get all this brainpower and interest–we just have to remember to include them in our deliberations.  Sometimes it feels like it’s just the small staff that care, or perhaps the Board of Directors.  But as same member said today, you’re not alone.  No indeed, I’m not.  And THAT is just one reason why I love working for mission-driven, membership-controlled non-profit organizations.