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Amazing Things Arts Center



March 29, 2018 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The ABR Network/WSRO Brasil Radio is venturing into another pioneering initiative. To bring our diversified,  culturally rich Brazilian American heritage closer together through Music, Poetry, Comedy and the Arts in general. Camarim do Artista, or Artist’s Dressing Room!

Leading this project is Ari Mendes, a musician, studio engineer, arranger and producer with over 40 years of experience in the business who moved to Massachusetts in 1989 to run a recording studio and various music projects. We’re honored to have him aboard on the ABR team, as an ambassador of the Brazilian music and culture in the USA.

Our goal is to discover, develop and promote artistic and cultural talent amongst our community. Musicians, singers, poets and comedians have been performing in the Brasilian American scene for decades, and they long for a place where their talent can be groomed to its full potential, artistically and business wise. Our music, our art, the spices of our culture.

We’ll tell the story of this beautiful people using music and the arts. There’s an inherent cultural value ready to blossom, waiting to achieve the recognition it deserves. The Brasilian artists who left their native country to look for a better life have already become strong  trailblazers, cooperating and partnering with North American artists and creating a unique, powerful cultural environment full of business opportunities.

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Guest artists include Eric Lee BrumleyAlex Nunes, Sandra Ferreira, and Casa do Galo, a Portuguese band (Mario Brum, Ari Mendes, Luis Silva and Tania DaSilva).  More guests TBA!

Happy Hour (7:00-8:00pm) : Come have a glass of wine or cup of beer and mingle with our musical guests!

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