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Amazing Things Arts Center



April 21, 2017 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


“ … content to explore on his own, what he’s found is a landscape rich with roots in a number of American art forms … a tapestry of modern sensibilities and musical traditions highlighted by a few rock ‘n’ roll flourishes.” — The Daily Times

“ … musical skills in abundance from Bruce Millard … did someone say spontaneous combustion?” — The Boston Globe

“ … infectiously merry … ” — Mountain Stage website,

Bruce Millard’s resume brings to mind a Reader’s Guide to American Music — he’s appeared with Howard ‘Louie Bluie’ Armstrong in the PBS documentary ‘Sweet Old Song’, recorded several albums with Jim Kweskin, performed and / or recorded with Dennis Brennan, Tower of Power, Tarbox Ramblers, Gunther Schuller, Elijah Wald, Harry Elston, Men & Volts, Miss Tess, John Lincoln Wright, Bob Moses, Wayworn Travelers and more. His performances freely cross stylistic borders, resulting in appearances at venues as diverse as the New York City Blues Festival, the Boston Folk Festival, the ‘Boston Rock: 50 years / 50 bands’ Festival, the Country Music Hall of Fame and more.

*Tickets: Regular $20 ~ Senior 65+/Student $19 ~ Member $17 ~ Child U12 $10*

Until the last few years, Millard’s annual ATAC shows have featured his band of many years, Hokum’s Heroes. But lately he’s turned to a wide variety of bandmates, styles, and most of all surprise special guests. “It’s like an Old-Time Revue. The band is the same from year to year, but the special guests are always new. I toss the ball to individual members of the band, too. In short, it’s five or six little concerts rolled into one.”

Join us for an evening of music that straddles the line between loose and tight, traditional and modern, original songs and re-imagined covers, familiarity and surprise.


The extraordinary pianist Frank Wilkins, whose credits include Esperanza Spaulding, Angela Tiger, Rebecca Parris, Stan Strickland, and more, and whose past appearances at ATAC have left audiences breathless.

Scott Shetler (Mighty Sam McClain, Johnny Adams, Gene Pitney, Michelle Willson)
Jerome Deupree (Morphine, Either Orchestra, John Mellencamp)
John Anderson (Prairie Home Companion Band, ‘Snaker’ Ray, Bo Diddley)
Matt Leavenworth (Peter Wolf, Mystix, John Lincoln Wright, Wayworn Travelers)

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Senie Hunt

Opening: Sierra Leone-born singer-songwriters Senie Hunt’s passion music began with West African drumming. That influence, and those percussive techniques, are imaginatively woven into his fresh, contemporary approach to guitar.

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