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Amazing Things Arts Center



June 22 | 8:00 pm - 9:20 pm

Jed Ryan of Huffington Post says:

“A Man and His Prostate (a play written by Ed Weinberger) gives the audience one hilarious “you-just-can’t-make-this-stuff-up” scenario after another. There are some priceless lines from the show that I’d love to repeat, but I won’t. It’s not that I’m concerned about “offending” any readers(!), but more so because I’m convinced that those lines should ONLY be heard from Ed Asner’s 86-year old mouth. In fact, Asner is EXACTLY what makes A Man and His Prostate so gut-bustingly funny. His character is a mix of curmudgeonly and cuddly, and his telling of Weinberger’s extended anecdotes about flatulence, urinary retention, and his own, shall we say, “Mr. Ed.” is deliciously deadpan and saucily sardonic.

Alongside the comedy, A Man and His Prostate throws in a serious moment towards the end of the show, concluding with important statistics about prostate cancer as well as a tribute to some famous men who have sadly been taken by the disease through the years. The scenario of a digital rectal exam may be a perpetual source of humor for comedians throughout history, but if humor is a good way to get men over 45 to drop trou and bend over for a prostate check, then bring on the jokes! And who better than a transgenerational pop culture icon to tell them?”


  • Regular $40
  • Senior 65+ $38
  • Member $35
  • Meet & Greet After the show – $60

*The Meet and Greet will take place after the show in Gallery160.

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