Stage Gallery



September 3 - November 16

Stage Gallery

September 9th – November 16th, 2019

Damon Burnard earned a BA (Hons) in painting at Bath Academy of Art, England, in 1985, and a Master of Science in Art Education at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, in 2008.

In addition to painting, Damon has written and illustrated over twenty children’s books in the UK and USA. Publishers include Scholastic, Dutton, Houghton Mifflin, and Chronicle. He has been a visual arts instructor for twenty years, working with first graders through adults. He currently teaches in a public high school close to Boston.

Damon’s work is inspired by the diverse aesthetics of 1970s minimalist painting, and children’s book illustration and animation from the same period. Pattern, color, the simultaneous constraints and permutations offered by geometry, and the tension between flatness and illusory depth, are some of his visual and conceptual themes.

Flowers and Towers is an exhibit of recent paintings that explores this vocabulary though stylized natural and architectural motifs, and the visual and lyrical possibilities they offer.

*Pictured above: Blooming Ranges & Keeps by Damon Burnard

**All artwork for sale, please call Amazing Things for prices: 508-405-2787. A portion of proceeds go to our Galleries, but the majority goes to supporting local artists like Damon!


Gallery hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12:00 to 6:00pm
Also open during feature shows for ticket holders