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Amazing Things Arts Center



May 13, 2016 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Jenee Halstead’s latest release, Edge of the World, adds to the indefinable soundscape in which her soft and supple voice floats so exquisitely. The Boston Herald wrote: “like sorceress music, rings of smoke through the trees and the bells of Rhymney,” while comparing Jenee’s working relationship with new producer Sean McLaughlin to that of Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois for the way it “embedded a tremendous voice in an otherworldly, shadowy soundscape.”

With her gift for wonderfully evocative lyrical imagery, delivered with such a compelling voice, it’s easy to foresee that Jenee’s unfettered songwriting will continue to rise — like those swirling rings of smoke — into the expansive sky, and far beyond the edge of the world.

Tickets: $17 Amazing Members; $20 Non-members; $19 Seniors/Students; $10 Under 12.

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