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Amazing Things Arts Center



June 24, 2016 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Hummingbird Syndicate will highlight their softer side at this show. Truly a ‘syndicate’ of likeminded musicians, led by singer/songwriters Lynn Shipley and Jon Macey, the band for this show will feature 3 and 4 part harmonies over folk/rock guitars and drums. A 1960s/70s vibe that blends the Laurel Canyon with the East Coast pop sound. All of this with a modern twist. The show will feature original songs from the upcoming POP TRICKS album and surprising covers that pay tribute to some of the great songwriters. The band are all veteran musicians from the Boston and New York music scenes. Besides Macey and Shipley, there is Chris McLachlan on upright bass, Tom Hostage on acoustic guitar, Lenny Shea on drums and Jennifer Bennett Lewis on vocals.  Take a listen.

The modern pop-folk duo of Miki and Dave Fitzgibbons , now The Rafters, met in college and have been playing shows all over the Northeast US ever since. Miki’s compelling lead vocals and thoughtfully crafted lyrics are backed by husband Dave’s atmospheric guitar, vocal harmonies, and recording expertise. Their new EP “Departing”, released in April of 2015, (produced and mixed by Crit Harmon) was preceded by 3 self-produced CD’s and one LIVE CD. “Departing” is defined as: to leave, typically in order to start a journey. In releasing “Departing” The Rafters have begun their journey into a new musical space built on a modern pallet of sound. Working with acclaimed producer Crit Harmon, he takes The Rafters out the basement of home recordings to finding and defining the sonic voice within the music.  Take a listen!

Members $15.00.  Non-members $18.00.  Seniors/Students: $17.00.  Under 12: $9.00

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