This weekend we had three back to back shows–Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers followed by Karen K & the Jitterbugs and wrapping up with Matuto, the first ever Brazilian Bluegrass band!  I am in a permanent smile by the theme that tied these three shows together: live music brings out the dancing!  Every show had people up and having a blast on the dance floor–Amazing Things has a dance floor!  We don’t promote ourselves as a dance venue, but we have lots of floor space and folks made the most of it this weekend!

The most darling were the kids that came out for the Jitterbugs–nothing better than to see kids smiling, laughing and dancing!  Harpe & the Swingers had folks boogying to the Delta blues–very hard to sit still for that music. But it was topped off with a nearly 100% participation conga line to Matuto!  Great stuff!

So next time you’re looking to get up and dance, come on down to the Firehouse–a very good chance that there will be a little room left on the dance floor for you and Amazing music to get your feet flying! @ChooseFram @FDR_MainSt