Over the years Amazing Things has some incredible artists, here are just some.  Check out our YouTube page as we’re always adding songs from recent shows so you can see what you’ve missed!Paxton6.13.15

  • Chuchito Valdes brought his Cuban-Latin rhythms on piano to us in April 2016. Can’t wait to have him back!
  • Tom Paxton  – Tom was here in March of 2013- back June 2015 — 50 years of performing!  Says he’s done touring, but if that changes, we’ll certainly have him back!
  • Session Americana made their first appearance at Amazing Things in the spring of 2016–well known to many, and totally a surprise to as many more–came back in October due to high demand!  Will definitely see them again in 2017
  • Christine Lavin returned for a tremendously funny, musical evening in October 2016: oh how we need her sense of humor now more than ever! (And Mark Stepakoff was the PERFECT opening act!)
  • Pierre Bensusan, international guitarist, first came in 2015 to a sold – out show: so excited he’ll be back in May 2017!
Chuchito Valdes april 2016

Chuchito Valdes

and many, many, more.  Have a suggestion?  Please let us know bookings@amazingthings.org