Joe Fredette

A resident of Framingham since 2002, I walked into the first Amazing Things Folk/Acoustic open mic in 2005 after reading an article in the MetroWest Daily News about Michael Moran founding the arts center. During my first night playing the open mic I met Michael and host Dan Cloutier, along with several other musicians who also shared a passion for songwriting and community. Little did I know then how many new friends I would make over the years, or how much I’d come to absolutely love the Amazing Things Arts Center and all it represents.

Michael truly inspired me that night as he articulated so well the mission of building community through the arts; of being a place where people can come to meet, understand and accept each other, and a place where the human creative spirit can be nurtured. I became a member and volunteer that night and have been ever since. Most Thursday nights you can still find me at the Folk/Acoustic open mic where I continue to explore my passion for playing the guitar and writing songs, and where I’ve connected with so many talented people from the local area and beyond who have inspired me so much.

When Michael asked me if I’d consider joining the Board of Directors to help grow the organization and support its mission, I didn’t have to think about it too long. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be on the board and to help lead this organization we all care so much about and that brings so much to our local community.

My professional life:
A graduate of Cornell University with a BS in Microbiology, I’ve spent my entire career working in the life sciences industry; first in research, then laboratory product sales, and for the past 15 years in various marketing and commercial management roles in both large and small life science companies. With strong creative marketing, strategic planning, and cross-functional team leadership skills I hope to make a positive contribution to the board and to our common goal of growing the organization while ensuring we remain true to our core mission of building a diverse community through the arts.

My artistic life:
I developed a passion for playing the guitar when I was 15 and have been playing ever since. In my late 20s, after years of soul searching I began writing my own songs and in 2006, inspired by the community of artists I’d come to know through Amazing Things, I released my debut CD – “Simon Leahy’s Daughter.” This spring I’ll be releasing my second CD – “Time Again,” which includes guest performances from several talented musician friends I connected with through Amazing Things. Thank you Michael!