Priscila joined the Board in January 2018.

Her interest in joining the Board stemmed from her long time residency on the south side and a member of the downtown business community. Her experience as a commissioner on the Board of Selectmen’s Human Relations Commission has exponentially grown her passion for her local community and her desire to see more diversity in local government leadership. Priscila ran for Mayor of the new City of Framingham in its inaugural primary.

Her work experience spans across law, finance, and the nonprofit sector, through which she has been able to see, first-hand, the needs of the people as they pertain to varying industries. She is co-owner with her family of Xfinity Store on Concord Street downtown.

As an active volunteer at Shadow’s Shelter for Women in Ashland, MA for four years, her greatest passions in life are to contribute her time, energy, and resources to those in need of a helping hand.  She continues to serve on the Human Relations Commission and is co-president of the Simmons Club of Boston.