We are pretty psyched here to have been named FAN FAVORITE at this week’s UnCommonBoston awards–we won in the category Under the Radar Theater.  Of course, as the executive director, I don’t really want to be under the radar.  But in company with Oberon in Harvard Square and The Cabot Theater in Beverly, it could be worse!

Best part: we won the vote of the fans!  And as a community based arts center, that’s what it’s all about.  We want this to be an experience that you, our members and patrons, love to come back to!  We get to highlight emerging artists like Danielle Miraglia and long time favorites like Garnet Rogers.  And the artists, like our patrons, love the intimacy of our space, the quality of the sound, and the support of the audience.  It’s a special place we have here. And if I need to wear a crown and walk around town, or hang out with an over-sized teddy bear, to show the rest of the world that we aren’t long to be “under the radar” so be it!  Thank you all for your support and your votes!  Come see us again soon, and spread the word!